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VI Instrument Fair – enrollment

A call for instrument makers! Please enroll to the Instrument Fair that will take place during the festival All Mazurkas of the World in Warsaw.

Katarzyna Tucholska in Centrum Ruchu Lublin

Centrum Ruchu of the Lublin Dance Theatrea is inviting for the workshops of traditional Polish folk dance lead by Katarzyna Tucholska

Brass instruments for beginners

6 meetings of workshops with Kazik Nitkiewicz

Bodny Potańc – Podkoziełek – the Shrove Tuesday

Podkoziełek is the last party before the Lent. In Kujawy region young maiden was allowed to come to the party by herself, without the company of her parents or elder brother.

Dancing with Tęgie Chłopy (The Tough Guys)

Poznań – the last tour concert of Tough Guys.

Carnival costume party by Trójwiejska

We invite you for the Carnival party to the traditional folk beats. Don't forget to dress up. 

Tęgie Chłopy: Concert + After Party!

Welcome to the „Dansing” that is the first album by Tęgie Chłopy!

Winter-spring season of dancing workshops with Grzegorz Ajdacki

Cycle of workshops with Grzegorz Ajdacki on the Warsaw Scena Lubelska

The Shrove dancing in Kraków

We invite everyone to Pracownia pod Baranami for the folk music from Polish village!

The Shrove Tuesday in the region of Świętokrzyskie

Welcome to the village of Ciekoty for the celebrations of the 5th Shrove Tuesday organized by the Foundation Korzenie.

Tęgie Chłopy in Lublin

„Dansing” on the last Carnival Sunday in Lublin