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A concert dedicated to the musical traditions of old Galicia. There will also be three-dimensional notes from the center of Poland, sung mazurkas and kujawiaks.
Music for listening, singing and dancing.

Galicja Orchestra
This is live music, collected during field expeditions, heard from archival recordings, played from Oskar Kolberg’s records. The members of the band are students of rural musicians, practitioners and researchers of the musical traditions of Poland and Ukraine. Although the core of the band Kapela Niwińskich plays the traditional music of Mazovia and Radomszczyzna, the Galicja Orchestra invited an artist from Ukraine Olene Yeremenko to the project. The ensemble’s repertoire consists mainly of music from the Polish-Ukrainian borderland, belonging to the former Galicia – a multicultural land located in the shadow of the Carpathians. Tеrеn was home to many cultures living in the neighborhood for centuries, which is especially audible in music. The band plays the music of Polish Pogórze and Ukrainian Subcarpathia, the vicinity of Rzeszów and Lviv, music from Pogórze, Boykos, Hutsuls, Hungarians and Jews.
The Niwiński band has participated in countless concerts, dances, workshops and meetings, in discography: the well-received record „Czas wesela” and participation in the recording of the compilation album „Kolberg po Żydowsku”. The Orkiеѕtrу consists of musicians well known from many respected groups in the traditional music scene.

The line-up of the band:
Mateusz Niwiński – violin, vocals;
Justyna Piernik – vocals;
Paweł Iwan – cymbals, vocals;
Jakub Mielcarek – basset;
Agnieszka Niwińska – hoop drum / baraban, vocals.

During the concert, we will also hear the Traditional Singing Brotherhood , and the leader will be Henryk Mazur , who will show the steps and lead the audience to play together.

g. 19.30
Vantage – House of Music
163 Rue de Beggen, 1221 Luxembourg

Tickets: EUR 20 (EUR 10 children up to 16 years old) / booking: [email protected] / at the entrance

Źródło informacji:
– Facebook/wydarzenie

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