Workshops of traditional singing - the wedding traditions

  • from 26.02.2016
  • to 28.02.2016
  • Kraków
  • Workshop

The Ethnographic Museum in Cracow and the Association To.pole are inviting for singing workshops for women lead by the famous educator – Ewa Grochowska.

The workshops are dedicated to the so called technique of singing with an open full voice which is specific for traditional cultures. 

The work will concentrate around voice emission, music expression, flow of breath, timbre and a wide range of occurences such as articulation of sound, intonation, strength, communal singing. We will take a lot of time on developing the correct emmision habits.

The workshops are not only mastering the repertoire but most of all work on vocal style and widening your perpectives as regards understanding the cultural context of village singing. 

The meeting is dedicated to ritual wedding singing traditions from South-East of Poland. The songs included in the repertoire come from the archives and field research. Besides the wedding songs we will give some time to short ditties and ballads. 

Readiness to learn "by ear" (without notes) and taking part in emmision as well as physical exercises.


Ewa Grochowska – a musician, teacher of traditional singing, researcher of traditions of Polish village and different vocal styles. For many years she's been learning from village musicians (e.g. Jan Gaca, fiddler) and singers as well as exploring the subject through researches. She's the member of such groups as: „Tęgie Chłopy” (music from Kielce region), Kapela Braci Dziobaków z Woli Destymflandzkiej, ensemble Warszawa Wschodnia (Russian and Polish vocal traditions) and Forum Muzyki Tradycyjnej. She's the leader of an ensemble singing traditional songs from Lublin region.

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Schedule of workshops:
Friday: 26 February, 17.00–20.00 
Saturday: 27 February, 11.00–14.00 and 16.00–19.00
Sunday: 28 February 10.00–13.00 and 15.00–18.00 

MEK Muzeum Etnograficzne in Cracow
pl. Wolnica 1, ul. Krakowska 46, 31-066 Kraków

Complete number of participants: 12

Cost: 230 zł

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Source of information:
– Facebook/wydarzenie