VII Mazurkas of the World Festival

  • from 18.04.2016
  • to 24.04.2016
  • Warszawa
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VII Festival All the Mazurkas of the World will take place 18–24 April 2016 r.

„Mazurkas of the World” Festival is a week-long celebration of traditional music right in the heart of Warsaw, and a proven formula for restoring the ancient language of Polish music in modern culture. It is a reunion of Masters and Pupils, musicians and dancers, people of all ages, sensitivities and political preferences, gathered around an idea of participation in the community of rhythms, melodies and dance steps. It is a musical borderland of the city and the country, the past and the future, locality and universality.

This year I would like to focus our attention on difficult topics which have been feeding our national complexes, keeping our old wounds open and causing various ambiguous processes in the world around us.

The relationship between the village and the mansion, centuries of neighborhood and mutual influences among Polish and Ukrainian people in the Volynia region and new, modern borderlands of the city and the country - the Village Dance Clubs.

As usual, we invite everyone to take part in various workshops (song, dance, instruments), everyday from Tuesday to Friday. We also hope that during this Festival the Old Tradition concert discovers new talents, the Festival Club and Dance Night satisfy even the most committed dancers, the Instrument Fair provides the right tools for all instrument makers, and finally that Little Mazurkas bring joy to both children and parents.

Enrollment to the Instrument Fair!

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