Tęgie Chłopy (The Tough Guys)

  • 05.02.2016
  • 21.00
  • Kraków
  • Dances

Welcome to the „Dansing” that is the first album let by the band Tęgie Chłopy (The Tough Guys)! and the real dancing! 

They will be accompanied by the dj Ludwik Zamenhoff ( from the band Hańba) with his ethno set.
On the album "Dancing" you will find everything that had attracted us to the traditional music. The most precious for us is that we could record this album with our teacher and master, the fountain of energy and the spring of memory, leader of the famous band of brothers  – Stanisław Witkowski.

As the collective Tęgie Chłopy we have been practicing their repertoire during dancing parties for a few years now, both in the city and village. Our group has a strong brass section; found in traditional folk but very up-to-date - emotional, dancing notes being played by contemporary youngsters.

Care for the dance!


The band plays in different configuration sets. This time the support will be Ludwik Zamenhof (dj set)

This time playing:
Stanisław Witkowski, Michał Żak – clarinet
Maciej Filipczuk, Michał Maziarz, Macin Żytomirski, Ewa Grochowska – violin
Mateusz Kowalski – accordion
Szczepan Pospieszalski – trumphet 
Dorota Murzynowska – big headed drum
Maniucha Bikont – vocal, horn


Klub Alchemia
ul. Estery 5, 31-056 Kraków


Source of information:
– Facebook/wydarzenie