Tańce Wirowe – open door workshops

  • 31.01.2016
  • 20.30
  • Łódź
  • Workshop
  • Recurring events

Foundation Po Staremu is inviting for a series of workshops dedicated to traditional Polish whirling dances. The workshop is addressed to complete beginners and the intermediate.

– every Sunday from 31.01 to 6.03 
– time: 19:30-21:00
– number of meetings: 6 

On the 31.01, that is Sunday at 7:30 p.m. we start with an open workshop. 

We will learn how to dance Polish traditional folk dances in their non-stylized form (mazurek, oberek, polka, kujon). The more advanced group will practice and develop the dances (intermediate group). The workshops are accompanied by live music. On the 31.01. there is an open door meeting on which you can see the workshops and decide. Please note that the two groups will take classes at the same time, in two separate rooms.

Joanna Wolańska - beginners
Przemysław Bogusławski - the intermediate


Teatr Szwalnia
ul Struga 90, Łódź

Price: 100 zł booklet* / 25 zł meeting**
* On the 31.01 you get 10% discount on the booklet (90 zł).
** The booklet discount can be added to other discounts of the day (see: Granie Po Staremu). Booklet for 1 workshop 100 zł (e.g. whirling dances) // 2 workshops 150 zł (e.g. dancing workshops and violin workshops) // 3 workshops (e.g. trumphet, violin and dances) 175 zł.

– Foundation „Po Staremu”


Source of information:
– Facebook/wydarzenie