The new recording „Bronisława Chmielowska. The old songs”

  • 01.02.2016
  • 20.00
  • Wrocław
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We invite you for a meeting dedicated to the newest recording „Bronisława Chmielowska. Stare pieśni”/Bronisława Chmielowska. Old songs. We will tell you about Mrs. Bronisława, her songs and the recording. 

You will get a free recording during the meeting. 

„Bronisława Chmielowska. Stare pieśni” the recording is a portrait of one of the best singers from Lower Silesia - Bronisława Chmielowska from Mroczkowice. All of the pieces from the disc were recorded at Mrs. Chmielowska's house. You will find there lirycal songs, wedding songs, songs of the recruits, carols, religious and harvest ones. There are also short stories told by Mrs. Bronisława. 


Bronisława Chmielowska born in 1935 in Wołczuchy, the former commune gródecki, Lvov Voievodship. After the II WW, together with her mother, uncle and sister they were resettled to Upper Silesia and in 1947 she went to Lower Silesia. First they lived near Złotoryja and then she got married in Mroczkowice where she lives up to this day. 

She goes back to life at the Eastern borderland with sentiment and often says" I have lived everything I could in this life. When we moved here, because I had not been there since [in Wołczuchy], but in my old age I would like to go there. I say with laughter that when I die, the first thing I do is flying there to see everything”.


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