The Shrove dancing in Kraków

  • 07.02.2016
  • 20.30
  • Kraków
  • Dances

Once again we invite you to Pracownia pod Baranami for the traditional folk party with the music from the Polish village! Every two weeks you can experience here music played live by the senior fiddlers and their young apprentices.

For the Shrove you will hear Tadirindum, that is Kasia Chodoń, Konrad Ozimek and Arek Szałata! The band plays mainly the music from the former Galicia: Podkarpacie, Małopolska and Roztocze regions. The repertoire consists of sztajereks, oberek, polka, waltez,etc. The band dwells on old melodies from the country, texts by the village musicians and old folk instruments like basetla and the big headed drum.


Pracownia pod Baranami
Rynek Główny 27, Kraków

Entry – 10 zł

– Muzyki i folklory

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