Katarzyna Tucholska in Centrum Ruchu w Lublinie

  • 16.03.2016
  • Lublin
  • Workshop
  • Recurring events

This event is repeated every 7. day until 2016-03-17.

Centrum Ruchu Lubelskiego Teatru Tańca -the great introduction to Polish folk dances. 

We prefer to dwell on modern dances everyday but this time we would like to refer to the history of dance  and invite you for Polish traditional dances lead by Katarzyna Tucholska.

This form of dance is offering classes of the original Polish dances like oberek, polka, krzyżak, kozak, dyna, etc. and learning to dance in pairs.

Katarzyna Tucholska – She works for ACCREA Bartłomiej Stańczyk which renovates different types of accordions. She is the child of Dance Tabor organized by Dance House Association in Warsaw where she learnt how to dance and she teaches the forms since 2003. She continues to learn how to play the threadle-accordion and the three row accordion. The centre of interest for her is the whirling ance from the area of Szydłowiec and Przysucha (woj. radomskie). 


Wednesday, 18.15–19.45

Centrum Kultury w Lublinie
ul. Peowiaków 12, Lublin
I floor - room nr 6 

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