Katarzyna Tucholska in Centrum Ruchu Lublin

  • 10.02.2016
  • 19.15
  • Lublin
  • Workshop
  • Recurring events

This event is repeated every 7. day until 2016-02-10.

Centrum Ruchu of the Lublin Dance Theatre is inviting everyone for the workshops of traditional folk dance. The workshop will be lea by Katarzyna Tucholska.

This new form of classes is addressed to all the lovers of dance who are interested in traditional ways of dancing. The class is also for those who would like to learn the non-stylized, non-stage form of the folk dance.

The workshop will mainly concentrate on oberek - the most common Polish dance, surely most difficult but very dynamic and interesting. It will play the base role for other dances like polka, krzyżak, kozak, dyny, etc. and will help to master the rhytm, accents, whirling or dancing in pairs.

Katarzyna Tucholska – graduate of Polish Philology at University of Warsaw. She works in ACCREA Bartłomiej Stańczyk as an accordion tuner. She got aknowledged with traditional dances in 2003 at Tabor Tańca organized by the Warsaw Dancehouse. She leads workshops for children and adults localy and abroad. She plays the folk threadle-accordion. Her area of interest is Szydłowiec, Pzysucha and the surroundings (that is Radom region). 


Wednesays, 6.15–7.45

Centrum Kultury in Lublin/ The Cultural Centre
ul. Peowiaków 12, Lublin
Ist floor - room number 6 

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