Granie Po Staremu

  • 21.02.2016
  • Łódź
  • Workshop

This event is repeated every 7. day until 2016-02-22.

Workshops of folk trumphet, violin and the drum. We begin on the 31.01. with the open classes of violin and a frame drum. The entry this day is going to be free. Trumphet workshops will begin on the 7.02. We will learn melodies from Central POland and triple meters which are specific for mazurek and Polish folk music.

Schedule: Every Sunday starting from 31.01 until 6.03 
17:00-18:00 / 18:15-19:15
Payment: 100 zł* booklet / 25 zł per meeting**

17:00-18:00 Trumphet with Kazik Nitkiewicz (from 7.02)
Workshop for the complete beginners. You need your own instrument - a trumphet in B key. Booklet 100 zł / meeting 25 zł. Remember it's the only workshop that starts later, not on the 31.01.

18:15-19:15 Violin with Maria Stępień
Workshops for those who have basic playing skills. Booklet 100 zł / meeting 25 zł..

18:15-19:15 Frame drum with Przemysław Bogusławski
Workshops for beginners. It will be good if you have your own drum but it's not compulsory. Booklet 100 zł / meeting 25 zł..


* On the day of open workshops you will get 10% of the booklet (90 zł).
** Sale goes with other discounts (like: Tańce Wirowe). Booklet of one class 100 zł (np. trumphet) // 2 workshops 150 zł // 3 workshops 175 zł


Teatr Szwalnia
Łódź, Struga 90

– Fundajca „Po Staremu”


Source of information:
– Facebook/wydarzenie