The field research for the drummers

  • from 04.02.2016
  • to 09.02.2016
  • around Przysucha/Przytyk
  • Dances
  • Workshop
  • Lectures|Conferences

The action „Bębnisto, chodźcie też!” is a few day field research to the villages of Radom region, the aim of which is widening the practical knowledge about music traditions of thi area. The matter of research are: drummers, bass players, making instruments and the drumming. The action is lead by Katarzyna Rosik under her Ministrial scholarship.

We invite anyone who has already started his adventure with traditional/folk Polish music and is keen to practice drumming and getting to know more about the village music at its roots. 

In 2016 there will be 6 expeditions (or more). It's possible to take part in as many as you like, but note that the number of participants is very limited (7–11 people). Every time we will be accompanied by one fiddler who is the apprentice of a village musician

The first expeition will circle around Przysucha/Potworów/Przytyk. The accompanying fiddler is Katarzyna Zedel. 

– field research 
– meeting with local musicians
– a visit to Muzeum Ludowych Instrumentów Muzycznych in Szydłowiec (Folk Instruments Museum) toured by Katarzyna Zedel, the museum's worker who will answer any of your questions
– drum workshops lead by Katarzyna Rosik: for complete beginners and complete intermediate
– participation in the Village Dancing Club: good opportunity to dance, have fun, meet finest dancers, musicians and singers


Preparatory schedule (open to suggestions):

4 February, Thursday
17.00–19.00 – travelling to the place of destination - Gałki (acoomodating)
20.00 – welcome evening

5 February, Friday
10.00–12.00 – preparation for the field research
14.00–16.00 – introduction by Katarzyna Zedel and instrument presentation (drum and bass) in the Muzeum Ludowych Instrumentów Muzycznych in Szydłowiec
19.00 – an evening meeting with a master-musician

6 February, Saturday
10.00–14.00 – field research
16.00–18.00 – frum workshops  
20.00 – an expedition to Wygnanów for the Village Dancing Club that takes place that night

7 February, Sunday
11.00–13.00 – field research
14.00–16.00 – drum workshops 
17.00 – an expedition to Wir for the Village Dancing Club that takes place that night

8 February, Monday
10.00–14.00 – drum workshops
18.00 – an evening meeting with a musician- master 

9 February, The Shrove Tuesay
10.00–12.00 – summing up
13.00 – free time
20.00 – an expedition to Przystałowice Małe for the Village Dancing Club that takes place that night


Gałki near Rusinów

Terms and conditions:
– workshops edicated to complete beginners and intermediate
– you must be ready to take part in the whole expedition (Thursday-Tuesday)
– you need your own drum (I have just one to lend)
– enroll via e-mail:
– after sending an e-mail you will get an extra information

– 170 zł – accomodation, warm soup, ticket to the museum, cost of transport 
– prepayment until 2 February (you will get the full info in the return e-mail)

Limited number of participants

How to get to:
– Potworów, Rusinów, Wola Gałecka, Przysucha (I can pick you up by car)
– from Warszawa to Wola Gałecka (you need to make a reservation) – lub

– for field research - warm clothes
– for parties at Village Clubs - something smarter with shoes good for dancing

– take your sleeping bag and a mat 

– warm soup every day
– the rest is on you


– Bębnisto, chodźcie też


Projekt „Bębnisto, chodźcie też” jest realizowany w ramach stypendium Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego


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