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VI Instrument Fair – enrollment

A call for instrument makers! Please enroll to the Instrument Fair that will take place during the festival All Mazurkas of the World in Warsaw.

TVVir recommends dancing night

„Media" dancing with Tęgie Chłopy (The Tough Guys) in Gdańsk

Katarzyna Tucholska in Centrum Ruchu Lublin

Centrum Ruchu of the Lublin Dance Theatrea is inviting for the workshops of traditional Polish folk dance lead by Katarzyna Tucholska

„Dansing” – Tęgie Chłopy concert tour

Tęgie Chłopy concert tour – from Gdańsk to Rzeszów, from Wrocław to Białystok.

The Village-city dancing

Playing that night are two old-fashione bands: Kapela Zawołany Skład Weselny and Daorientacja.

Violin workshops for the beginners

Violin workshops for the beginners lead by Mateusz Kowalski.

Laboratory of mazurka improvisation

I am inviting for the first workshop of Piotr Zgorzelski this year that will be dedicated to the Polish traditional/folk dance. 

Cauldron of art

The Ethnographic Museum is inviting all the children under 8 for art workshops inspired by music and Polish folklore. 

Winter-spring season of dancing workshops with Grzegorz Ajdacki

Cycle of workshops with Grzegorz Ajdacki on the Warsaw Scena Lubelska

The dancing with De Latour band

We invite everyone to Pracownia pod Baranami for the traditional folk party! Every two weeks we invite different band!

Halo, dance!

The dancing and workshops with the band Przodki