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VI Instrument Fair – enrollment

A call for instrument makers! Please enroll to the Instrument Fair that will take place during the festival All Mazurkas of the World in Warsaw.

Traditional Carolling in Zatwarnica (Podkarpacie)

We are inviting for a carol wandering „Z kolędą przez wieki”.

Granie Po Staremu – open doors for instrumental workshops

Workshops of trumphet, violin and a drum in Łódź

Bretagne vs. Poland in Dublin

We are inviting everyone to Dublin for a meeting and a dancing party to live Polish and Breton music. Playing - The Dublin Band.

The Carnival Village Clubs in Witaszewice

The Village Dancing Clubs this time in Witaszewice.

Piotr Zgorzelski and Tęgie Chłopy

Wojewódzki Ośrodek Animacji Kultury in Białystok is inviting for folk dances in the old style. The workshops will be lead by Piotr Zgorzelski. The dancing party is played by Tęgie Chłopy.

The dancing „Tęgie Chłopy” on Saska Kępa

In Warsaw – Tęgie Chłopy want to play in a way so „the ceiling erects” –  Must see!

47. Review of Carolling Troops „Żywieckie Gody 2016”

Żywieckie Gody, is the oldest contest of carolling troops in the region of Beskid Żywiecki and Beskid Śląski.

The carnival party with Tęgie Chłopy in Toruń

In the Museum in Toruń you will hear chłop and śpiw (that is mazureks from Kielce region), but also some polkas and after-war waltzes, tangos and foxtrots

Wniebogłosy in Winter

Singing workshops of Agata Harz. Polish songs – the struggle of the Carnival and the Lent.

Traditional carolling in Podkarpacie 2016

„Carolling through centuries” – welcome to another edition of Traditional Carolling in Podkarpacie.