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VI Instrument Fair – enrollment

A call for instrument makers! Please enroll to the Instrument Fair that will take place during the festival All Mazurkas of the World in Warsaw.

The South with carols

The Ethnographic Museum in Toruń invites all the fmilies for a common activities

Carnival traditional dances at KBK Rzeszów

We invite everyone to Rzeszów for traditional folk dances.

Nativity play, carolling and dancing in MiserArt

We are inviting to Wrocław for another portion of traditional Polish culture

Zawirowania radomskie – the masters of Przystałowice Małe

Radomska Inicjatywa Oberkowa is organizing the first dancing party of 2016. 

Workshops of traditional folk dance - mazurek improvisations

We are inviting you to Katowice for another dancing workshop with Piotr Zgorzelski! 

The Angel commanded to Bethlehem

A concert of carols and pastorals performed by the local schoolchildren.

Contest for Folk Phonograph of the Year 2015 and Root Phonograph 2015

Polish Radio announces a poll for best albums: Folkowy Fonogram Roku 2015 (Folk Phonograph of the Year) – best root music: Root Phonograph 2015.

The Carnival party with Gęsty Kożuch Kurzu

The Embassy of Traditional Music in Warsaw is inviting for the carnival dncing party

Szczodry weczór – carols from Podlasye

We are inviting to Białystok for the concert of traditional carols from Podlasye. The concert will be performed by the participants of vocal workshops that had taken place in 2015

Katarzyna Tucholska in Centrum Ruchu Lublin

Centrum Ruchu of the Lublin Dance Theatrea is inviting for the workshops of traditional Polish folk dance lead by Katarzyna Tucholska