Nee Filipek, singer


She was born in 1937 in Sokołów, commune Żabianka, Brześć Province (nowadays Belarus) in which her father Józef (born in 1902) acquired land as a military settler and legionnaire. Her parents were from Parafianka near the river Wieprz (Lublin Province), both of them were singers (just as her grandfather Michał). Additionally, her father not only played on a special type of bagpipes (“dudka z pęcherzem”) made by himself but was also a very good dancer. Zofia learnt how to sing from her parents, although mainly from her mother Aleksandra. After the war, the family settled in Wojsławice, where Zofia married her husband Eliasz Sulikowski and where she still lives today.

In the beginning of the 1950s, when Zofia was 15 years old she sang and danced with the group “Wesoła rodzinka” (Happy Family) that was established as a part of the local Liga Kobiet (Women's League). The group performed not only in the local vicinity but also outside it’s region. In 1959, when the group stopped performing, the local women and girls created a singing group in its place. In the years to come it went through several metamorphoses and sang different repertoires. In 1994, the group won the I award in Kazimierz. Although, before that happened, Zofia began a solo career, singing, which was closely connected with her husband’s premature death, after which her passion for singing became even more intense. She expanded her repertoire, collecting songs with her recorder, that she had received as an award. Because of this she was capable of saving a numerous amount of songs, some of which she had adopted to her repertoire. She is also known as a folk poet. Andrzej Pilipiuk published her song lyrics as well as her poems in a special publishing house.

She performed multiple times at regional festivals and song reviews, as well as concerts in Lublin and Warsaw. As a professional traditional folk singer she led workshops on the Tabor lubelski in Szczebrzeszyn and Academy of Wandering Musicians in Narol, as well as part of the In Crudo Scene and the Jagiellonian Fair.

She has a very diverse range, knows very many songs associated with family and religious ceremonies,in addition to ballads. Her unique style of singing incorporates characteristics of the musical culture of the polish-russian borderland along with the old lubelski style. She has a very original timbre of voice, slightly aged. She is a very creative person, on top of everything else she composes music, however it is highly engrained in tradition, it is a natural development of the traditional style.





2013 - Zofia Sulikowska: Zielony wygon, Wojsławice



2003 - Nagroda im. Oskara Kolberga

1988, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2010 - nagrody na OFKiŚL w Kazimierzu Dolnym (2010 - Złota Baszta)



zbiory In Crudo, archiwum Polskiego Radia RCKL


Author of the note: Remigiusz Mazur-Hanaj

Translated by: Zuzanna Wiśniewska

Zofia Sulikowska–a poet and a singer with a very original voice and and an unprecedented style of singing. Photograph by R. Mazur-Hanaj, Kazimierz Dolny 2010.