The carnival party with Tęgie Chłopy in Toruń

  • 29.01.2016
  • 19.00
  • Toruń
  • Dances

The band Tęgie Chłopy follows the musical traditions of Kielce region as regards traditional authenticity and form. The repertoire and instrument section is purely traditional as closely it can be to the local bands playing once weddings or village parties in this area. They take from such bands from Opatów and Łagów surrounings as the band of Witkowski Brothers (Orłowiny), Krakowiacy (Zbielutka), Antoni Witkowski (Cisów) and many others. 

The name "Tęgie Chłopy" is a declaration: Chłopy (eng. 'Guys', 'peasants') are also used in Kielce music tradition and mean the triple meter, sung melodies, for this reason also called "śpiwy" (eng. songs) or "światówki" (eng. worldly songs). Tęgie Chłopy want to play so the "ceiling erects" - as the Witkowski Brothers used to play.  And so they do with a great buzz from the brass section - the trumphet, clarint and the horn.
The band is composed of the musicians organising Kielecki Tabor of the Dance House that takes place in Sędek (Łagów) since 2013. They derive their music tastes from Polish traditional folk background. 

They were very keen on getting to the oldest Kielce repertoire and so travelled hunreds of kilometers to find the musicians or singers from the area of interest. They managed to get to know an learn from the clarinet player Stanisław Witkowski and a singer Maria Kowalik and Maria Gałka. 

The band has already showed up at the main festivals of folk traditional music in Poland – i.a. Wszystkie Mazurki Świata (Warszawa), Rozstaje (Kraków), Jarmark Jagielloński (Lublin), Dźwięki Północy (Gdańsk). In 2014 they played in the spectacle by Jacek Hałas and Darek Błaszczyk „Orszak weselny/Żałobny rapsod“ transmitted in Polskie Radio. 

One of the members of Tęgie Chłopy is a grandson of Stanisław Witkowski, a young trumpheter Damian Janda who wishes to continue the family music traditions.



Muzeum Etnograficzne im. Marii Znamierowskiej-Prüfferowej in Toruń
ul. Wały gen. Sikorskiego 19, 87-100 Toruń
The Auditorium

20 zł – normal, 15 zł – reduced.
Before sale from the 11.01 at the museum.

– Muzeum Etnograficzne im. Marii Znamierowskiej-Prüfferowej w Toruniu

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– Tęgie Chłopy
– Kielecki Tabor Domu Tańca - 2015


– materials sent by the organizer