The dancing with De Latour band

  • 24.01.2016
  • 20.30
  • Kraków
  • Dances

We are inviting to Pracownia pod Baranami for the traditional dancing of folk Polish live music! Every two weeks there will be dancing with young and old musicians. Music from all over Poland.

This time we welcome the family of De Latour! The band plays music from lowlands: Mazovia, Radom region and Kielce region. They play obereks, mazureks, polkas and the before war music of the city like tango, foxtrots and waltzes. They take as aim playing with the village band authenticity. They play on traditional Polish folk instruments: three-row accordion, violin, folk bass called basetla, big-headed drum, hay harmonica, dulcimer and the pipe. 
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Kasia de Latour – violin and bass
Daniel de Latour – three-row accordion and violin
Franek de Latour – big headed drum, dżaz, clarinet
Maria de Latour – flute


To the beginners We recommend taking big steps this time and asking the advanced to dance. That's how it worked traditionally. 

Pracownia pod Baranami
Rynek Główny 27, Kraków

Entry: 10 zł

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